Italian restaurant Liverpool

Footballers Prefer Italian Restaurants

Did you know that in Liverpool some of the best Italian restaurants in Liverpool such as this one are frequented by some of the top names in football?

Italian restaurant Liverpool.jpg

Wayne Rooney among others have been spotted here and with good reason.

The restaurant itself is set out like a traditional Italian restaurant setting with the food to match.

There are plenty of places to go star spotting in Liverpool but what would you do if you found yourself sitting next to your favourite footballer in a restaurant?

Would you leave them be? Ask for an autograph? Spark up a conversation?

Most people probably just want to be left alone depending on who they are with, do you remember the incident with Steven Gerard in Southport out with his mates who ended up caught in a bar brawl because the DJ wouldn’t let one of Steven’s mates onto the DJ decks?

This just goes to prove that footballers are normal people just like you and me and sometime they don’t mind being talked to by the general public and then there’s other times when they just want to be left alone.

The trick is to give them space and respect and use common sense to judge whether they will welcome your advances or not, for example, if they appear to be on a date then leave them alone (otherwise if you did approach them their ego may take a boost if they are trying to show off to a girlfriend).

It’s a judgement call for sure but if you do want to find out who visits these places, there’s only one way to find out – to visit!

If you are not in Liverpool then there’s always the option of travelling in and hanging around or perhaps scour the local news for stories of footballer hangouts, after all they’re just normal people and visit normal places too!

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