Liverpool FC Christmas Promotional Video

Liverpool FC released a new promotional video last month which has been created by video production giants Zut Media who are also based in Liverpool.

It’s true that clubs are business and football / soccer now seems to play a lesser role in the overall bigger picture for clubs. The promotion of merchandise and other saleable items has been growing in terms of revenue trend for some time now.

The beautiful game is no longer a game – it’s an industry. This is not a critisiscm you must understand because when all is said and done billions of people worldwide love football and want to support their club which is only fair – the money has to go to somewhere and while there are people who are willing to part with their cash in the name of the game then why the hell not!

Christmas is a time of giving and Liverpool FC along with many other names often create these type of promotional video to let fans know what they have to offer and related merchandise from your favourite club is always a welcome gift for lovers of the game.

Here’s a snippet from the post on Zut Media’s website:

For the past 3 years, Zút have produced a wide range of content and campaign creative to support the retail, commercial and tourism departments of Liverpool Football Club.

To support the club’s campaign for the 2019 Christmas sales period, we produced a series of adverts, told episodically over 4 weeks, featuring some of LFC’s biggest stars.

The adverts required the construction of a bespoke Christmas market, and featured a local choir singing well-know LFC songs, underpinning a narrative that links the magic of Christmas with fans hopes and ambitions for their club’s success.

Zút devised the campaign strapline “’Tis the season to believe” to encapsulate this sentiment, for which we also created artworking assets and design guidelines.

To link the visual creative seen in the films, Zút also designed the visual merchandising displays for each of LFC’s 7 retail locations, bringing elements from the Christmas market scenes into each window display.

You can see the video and their related post here (source).

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