SEO Consultancy & Soccer

SoccerBo has always relied upon word of mouth for our marketing but that can only get you so far.

The internet is a must have tool when it comes to promoting anything because this is where everyone is spends their time.

An SEO consultant or local provider such as SEO Wirral can be invaluable at times.

Here is a 50,000 foot overview of SEO and what you can do to let it inspire your next move into marketing.

SEO, or search engine optimization (or optimisation in the UK) is accomplished with the use of specific “keywords” that are found throughout a particular site. MORE importantly, it is important to know what SEARCH ENGINES LOVE, which are keywords in the title tags and headings. The more relevant keywords you have on your page, the higher up your website will rank when people are Googling for that particular topic.

-Title Tags more often then not are blue & bolded on any internet browser window.

-Headlines always display at least one keyword used in the content below them more often then not they’re also blue & bolded

-SEO IS absolutely necessary if you want to be found on Google—in fact over 85% of ALL organic traffic comes from them!

-Title Tags are the first thing people see when they search on Google, so this is an important part of your SEO.

-Headings are another place that people notice keywords and will use to determine whether or not to continue reading on your page. If you don’t have any implemented in these, your lost traffic will fall dramatically.

-Keywords are the only way to ensure you’re getting found on Google! More importantly though is thinking about what people are actually typing into Google—for example “solar panel installation new york” instead of “solar panel installer”. These long tailed keywords can exceptionally increase your traffic!

-Title tags are especially important because they affect how your website appears in search engine results, including Google’s.

-The beginning of your title tag is what people see in the SERPs (search engine results pages), which influences their decisions on whether or not to click on it. This may be why you want to focus on using your target keywords in the beginning of the tag.

-Additionally, if you have a long title tag, you can’t go wrong with putting your keywords at both the front and the end of the tag.

-Using keywords as your title tags will help people find you on Google—keywords also help label what your content is about to search engines and people who visit your page.

-If you want to improve your Google rankings, it is essential that you utilize keywords in the beginning and end of your title tags.

-It’s important to remember that keyword stuffing can be a bad thing. It is better to use 1 or 2 target keywords strategically throughout the page than to jam-pack your content with them.

-Otherwise, it is to best use 1 or 2 keywords in both the beginning and end of the tag to improve your chances of ranking for those terms—and thus, showing up on Google’s first search results pages.

-Be sure that you’re using your target keywords in not only your title tags, but in the headlines and throughout the page.

-When it comes to keyword stuffing, you should use a couple of keywords at the beginning and end of your tag. You definitely don’t want to clutter your content with keywords because this will have bad consequences for both SEO and readership!

-Headlines are an important area to include keywords because they can make or break how interested someone is in reading your page.

-Using the same keyword over and over again is not ideal either—focus on inserting 2 or 3 target keywords throughout your article instead!

-When writing headlines, you should use 1 or 2 of your keywords near the beginning of the sentence, but try not to overdo it!

-Remember that while keywords are important in both your headline and title tag, you should focus more on using them strategically throughout the page. Keywords in headlines draw people in, which is why they are great places to include them!

Because Google’s main function is to find and list relevant websites based on search queries, it is important to understand how Google views your content.

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